“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the
care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  
- Thomas Edison

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Contributory Factors for
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Spinal Disc Disease, and Osteoporosis

Chlorine -
"Crippler and Killer"

Fosamax -
A Drug with Deadly Results

The Dangerous Side Effects of
Pain Killing Drugs

Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions

Enjoy the Simple Pleasure
of Moving Again!™
with Healthful-Flex™

Nutrition For
The Human Machine!™
"Arthritis is a nutritional
deficiency disease.
If we all eat the
nutrients we need,
we can live out
our lives without
the misery of arthritis."
- Dr. Ruth Yale Long
Nutritional Education Association

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  Exercise Equipment
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Healthful Balance® Products
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Supplement List Nutritional Supplements Herbal Products

Electron Balance™

Categories Categories
Healthful - Bone™ Adrenal Support Aloe Vera
Healthful - Flex™ Allergy Support Arabinogalactins
Healthful Greens & Reds™ Amino Acids Combination Artemesia
Healthful - Hydration™ Amino Acids Single Ayurvedic Formulas
K2 Up™ Antioxidant Formulas Bee Products
Glandular Balance Adrenal Antioxidants Bitters
Glandular Balance Thyroid B5 Pantothenic Acid Essential Oils
Healthful - Zymes™ B6 Pyridoxine Flower Essences
Lithium Balance™ Beta Carotene Germanium
Supplement Categories Biotin Herbal Oils
Antioxidants Bladder (Urologic) Support Herbal Singles
Bone Support Blood Sugar Support Herbal Solid Extracts
Cardio Support Bone (Osteo) Support Herbal Standardized Extracts
Glandulars New Zealand Raw Boron Herbal Syrups Elixir
Inflammation Support Bromelain Herbal Tincture Combinations
Joint Support Calcium Herbal Tincture Glycerite
Minerals Calcium/Magnesium Herbal Tincture SE
Specialty Formulas Cardiovascular Support Herbal Tincture Single
Combo Packs Carotenoids Mushroom Products
Adrenal Support Combo Cetyl Myristoleate Stevia
Bone Support Combo Children's Formulas  
Brain Support Combo Choline Homeopathic Medicine
Heart Support Combo Chondrotin Sulfate Cell Salts
Joint Support Combo Chromium Homeopathic Combinations
Thyroid Support Combo CLA Homeopathic Singles
  Cognitive Support  
  Collagen Products Oriental Medicine
  Colostrum Lactoferrin Products Chinese Medicine (CHM) Formulas
  Copper Chinese Medicine (CHM) Single
  CoQ10 Kampoo Formulas
  Detoxification Support  
  DHEA Skin and Personal Care Products
  Digestive Support Baby Care
  DMAE Body Care
  Dysbiosis Formulas Castor Oil
  Electrolytes Cosmetics
  Energy Support Skin Support Formulas
  Enzymes - Plant Douches
  Enzymes Porcine Ear Drops
  Enzymes Specialty Eye Drops
  Essential Fatty Acids Facial Hair
  Essential Oils Facial Hair Rejuvenating
  Eye (Ocular) Support Hair Care
  Fibers - Cleansing Lozenges
  Fish Oil Gels Massage Topicals
  Fish Oil Liquid Nasal Products
  Flavonoids Oral Hygiene
  Folic Acid (Folate) Oral Sprays
  Food Products Sun Care
  FOS Suppositories
  Garlic Topical Preparations
  GI Support Topical Preparations - Chinese (CHM)
  Glandular Capsules Women's Topical
  Glandular Frozen  
  Glandular Liquid Medical Suppiles
  Glucosamine Products  
  Glucosamine/MSM Specialty products
  Glutathione Amber bottles
  Greens Black Phenolic Cone Caps
  Heavy Metal Support Blue Bottles
  Hyaluronic Acid Lids
  Immune Support Droppers
  Indoles Blender Bottle
  Inositol Large Styrofoam Cooler
  Iodine Nutri-Ninja Duo
  IP6 1 oz pill pod
  IP6 Polypropylene Jar w/ White Dome Cap 1 oz
  Ipriflavone Polypropylene Jar w/ White Dome Cap 4 oz
  Iron Progreens Shaker Cup 1 cup
  Joint Support Small Styrofoam Cooler
  Kidney Support Spray Bottle Cap 1 oz
  Krill Oil Spray Bottle Cap 2 oz
  Libido Support Spray Bottle Cap Blue Only 4 oz
  Lipid Support Boston Round Bottles
  Lipoic Acid (Alpha and R-Lipoic Acid) Ceramic Adjustable Mill
  Liver Support  
  Lycopene Pet - Veterinary Products
  Magnesium Pet - Ayurvedic & Herbal
  Manganese Pet - Behavior Support
  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Pet - Joint and Bone Health
  Melatoin Pet -Liver Support
  Men's Formulas Pet - Omegas
  Minerals - Liquid Pet - Probiotics and Digestive
  Minerals - Multiple Pet - Veterinary Products
  Mood Support  
  Multiples - Chewable  
  Multiples - Children  
  Multiples - Liquid  
  Multiples - Men  
  Multiples - Powdered  
  Multiples - Prenatal  
  Multiples - Senior  
  Multiples - Women  
  Multivitamin - Mineral  
  Multivitamin - Packs  
  Musculoskeletal Support  
  N-Acetyl Cysteine  
  Neurologic Support  
  Oxygen Support  
  Packs - Nutritional  
  Phosphatidyl Choline  
  Phosphatidyl Serine  
  Prostate Support  
  Protein Bars  
  Protein Powders  
  Respiratory (Breathing) Support  
  Sleep Support  
  Specialty Products  
  Stress Support  
  Thyroid Support  
  Vascular Support  
  Vitamin A  
  Vitamin B Complexes  
  Vitamin B1 Thiamine  
  Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin  
  Vitamin B2 Riboflavin  
  Vitamin B3 Niacin/Niacinamide  
  Vitamin C  
  Vitamin C Buffered  
  Vitamin C Chewable  
  Vitamin C Ester  
  Vitamin D  
  Vitamin E  
  Vitamin E Tocotrienols  
  Vitamin K  
  Weight Management Support  
  Women's Formulas  


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Healthful Balance® Products
Supplement List
Category List
Combo Packs

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