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Sodium Fluoride - Toxic Waste
The Dangers of Sodium

Sodium Fluoride
(See www.fluoridealert.org)
All of the research about fluoride for decay-prevention was actually from calcium fluoride, not sodium fluoride. Depending on the mineral content of the water source calcium fluoride can form when there is an adequate amount of calcium present, and may be of some benefit. It is interesting to note that research shows that fluoride, whether calcium or sodium, is one of the major aging factors.

Sodium Fluoride - Toxic Waste
The form of fluoride put into the drinking water and used by dentists is sodium fluoride, a toxic poison from the aluminum and fertilizer industries and was used primarily as a rat poison before city municipalities were duped into thinking it was necessary to add to water supplies to fight tooth decay. By having city municipalities buy their leftover sodium fluoride to put into their water supplies the aluminum and fertilizer industries not only do not have to pay to legally dispose of this toxic waste but they also make money, especially since the price to purchase it went up over 1,000%.

Sodium Fluoride Banned and Not Used In Other Countries
Researchers in Europe who studied the effects of sodium fluoride on humans found that it was not safe for consumption resulting in its ban and illegal use in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. However, countries such as France and Norway never used sodium fluoride because they never found a sound scientific reason to use it.

The Negative Effects of Sodium Fluoride
In his book titled, “Fluoride, The Aging Factor” written by Dr. John Yiamouyianni there is hard scientific information he provides about the damaging effects of sodium fluoride.

Brown Decaying Teeth
Disrupts and blocks cellular enzyme activity (required for metabolic processes)
DNA Damage
Collagen Destruction
Genetic Damage
Immune System Damage
Accelerated, or premature aging
Serious disorders - such as lupus, sclera derma, rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis.
Cancer and other degenerative conditions
Weakened bones
Arthritic pain
Skeletal fluorosis - A condition where there is too much fluoride in the bone.

Skeletal fluorosis - 1st Stage - Symptoms can include pain in the bones and joints, burning, pricking, and tingling in the limbs, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, reduced appetite and disorders of the digestive system. During this stage x-rays can detect that the bone has a more prominent and blurred structure and that there are changes in the pelvis and spinal column.

Skeletal fluorosis - 2nd Stage - If left unchanged the condition can worsen to where there is constant pain in the bones and some of the ligaments start to calcify. The long bones, such as in the legs, may become osteoporotic, or lose bone tissue, and osteosclerosis ( this is when the bones become more dense and develop an abnormal crystalline structure that can more easily fracture and break) may be present. Bone spurs may begin to appear around the arm and leg bones especially around the knee, elbow, and on the surface of the tibia and ulna.

In 3rd Stage of Skeletal fluorosis, or extreme skeletal fluorosis, also referred to as crippling skeletal fluorosis, the arms and legs become weak and movement is difficult, while the vertebrae become fused together, crippling the individual.

Disrupts healthy thyroid function
The thyroid gland is involved with many functions of the body such as temperature control, basal metabolic rate (oxygen consumption), carbohydrate/fat/protein metabolism, nervous system function, cardiovascular system (normal functioning of the heart), muscular system, skeletal system (promotes normal growth and maturation of the skeleton for developing children and in adults assists in the demineralization of the skeleton), gastrointestinal system (promotes healthy bowel tone, GI motility or movement, and digestive enzymes), reproductive system (promotes normal female reproductive ability and lactation), and promotes normal hydration and secretory activity of the skin.

NOTE: One can see that if the thyroid is disrupted it can be difficult to maintain a healthy body weight and can explain one reason why so many people are gaining abnormal weight, especially fat, and having a difficult time in losing it. Many also feel that the sodium fluoride is contributing to the abnormal height of some people and to broad bottoms.

Sodium Fluoride is A Poison
In his book “Fluoride, The Aging Factor” Dr. John Yiamouyiannis warns "Fluoride is a poison!"
“The 1984 issue of Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products lists fluoride as more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It has been used as a pesticide for mice, rats and other small pests. A 10-pound infant could be killed by 1/100 of an ounce and a 100-pound adult could be killed by 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride. The Akron Regional Poison Center indicates that a 7-ounce tube of toothpaste contains 199 mg. of fluoride, more than enough to kill a 25-pound child."

Dr. John Yiamouyiannis also says in his book, "Fluoride interacts with the bonds which maintain the normal shape of proteins. With distorted protein, the immune system attacks it's own protein, the body's own tissue."

The visual and physical effects from prolonged exposure to fluoride include nausea, bloody vomit, faintness, stomach cramps, tremors, constipation, aching bones, stiffness, skin rash, weight loss and brown or black discoloration of the teeth.

Natural Fluorine in Food
It is healthier, more efficient, and safer to get our fluorine from foods rather than taking inorganic and chemically produced fluorides. Obtaining organic fluorine from foods along with organic calcium form foods and in combination with high quality calcium and other minerals such as magnesium and zinc in supplements will assist the body in building a strong healthy surface on the teeth and bones. Also, the natural fluorine protects the body from germs and viruses.

Natural Sources of Fluorine
Good sources of natural fluorine include foods such as avocado, garlic, goat milk, goat cheese, and goat butter, greens, parsley, brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, dates, cauliflower, cabbage, organic egg yolks, cod liver oil, brussels sprouts, and black eye peas. It is best to eat organically grown foods as much as possible.

Elimination of Sodium Fluoride for Good Health
Obviously if we want to have healthy bones and joints, as well as good overall health, we have to eliminate sodium fluoride from our drinking water. And while natural fluorine in foods is easily removed as it evaporates during cooking, water containing sodium fluoride does not. That being the case we should not cook with water containing sodium fluoride in addition to not drinking it. If you plan on using a filter for your water, or are presently using one, make sure from the manufacturer that it does remove sodium fluoride.

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