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Atlantis Fitness Rowing Machine
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  If you've ever hurt your back or experienced awkward, unsafe footing while using any ordinary bent-over-rowing apparatus, and/or were otherwise disappointed by it, you'll be glad to know that; as shown in the video, only THE ATLANTIS FITNESS BENT-OVER-ROWING MACHINE provides ALL these amenities: Protects your lower back when used as directed --- no matter how much weight you may load onto the bar; enables your body and the resistance to counterweight each other automatically throughout the exercise; even with no cam --- because none is needed --- the resistance feels perfectly uniform throughout the exercise; even with a centrally loadable carriage, no weights can hit your face, neck or chest during proper use; inwardly banked, specifically angled pedestals that prevent your feet from slipping to the side, and are long enough to accommodate the shortest and tallest users; additional-reps potential without having to interrupt your set to remove weights and without needing a spotter to do so; a heavy-duty stop that prevents you and the weighted carriage from falling backwards. And its surprisingly compact footprint conquers kinesio-space! Just a few reps and bent-over rowing will never be the same!