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Atlantis Fitness Leg Machine
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  If you've ever hurt your knees or back, have thus or otherwise avoided squats or just wanted a safer, more effective way to perform significant leg exercise, you'll be glad to know that THE ATLANTIS LEG MACHINE (U.S. patent #5,626,548) enables you to perform squats --- even full squats --- without hurting or endangering your knees or back. As shown in the videos and explained in the article "Miracle at Middletown," its weightable roller-padded carriage, with its exclusive, strategically curved trajectory, provides properly varying resistance that feels uniform throughout the exercise; guides you into leg squats and prevents you from performing dangerous, less effective "back" squats; stabilizes and protects your knees --- and cradles and protects your back --- during the lower, more vulnerable half of the exercise; allows you unimpeded shrugging and deep breathing, especially during high reps; is easily and safely rackable onto any of the bent channel's heavy-duty stops, so you can exit the Machine safely and easily even if you became stuck at or near the bottom of your last rep. Now you can train alone in complete safety! Just a few reps and leg exercise will never be the same!.